Pano from above

Yesterday I tried the Hangar360 app with the DJI MavicPro. Pretty straightforward! Once connected to your drone, push a button and  your Mavic will ascend to 91m (100ft) to take 24 photos in 3 rows + nadir. Another button and your drone will descend and land quietly.

Upload the pictures to the Hangar website and you are done! You can also download the pictures from the Mavic and use your own stitching software (Autopano for instance).

See the result.


Mavic Outdoor Flight

Winter in Winnipeg can be frustrating for an aspiring drone pilot! You have to be patient to have good flight conditions: some days temperature is decent but the weather bad, others, the blue of the sky is as deep as the temperature. After days at -32°c (-42°c wind chill) I took the opportunity of a raise(!) of the temperature (-5°c/-10°c) to make my first outdoor flights.

Ricoh ThetaS

Of course, the quality of the final image is not as good as if it were shot with a  DSLR, but… it’s really great to have a decent panorama in a couple of secondes, without any editing! Two cool things about the Ricoh ThetaS:

  • whatever the orientation of the camera, the final panorama is leveled!
  • keep your stick/monopod right in the axe of the body and it vanishes from the image!